Seth Godin:

In a race to go faster, cheaper and wider, it’s tempting to strip away elegance, ornamentation or subtlety. If you want to reach more people, aim for average.

The market, given a choice, often picks something that’s short-term, shoddy, inane, obvious, cheap, a quick thrill. Given the choice, the market almost never votes for the building, the monument or the civic development it ends up being so proud of a generation later. Think about it: the best way to write an instant bestseller is to aim low…

If you want to write, stay off of social media. There is a fallacy that people keep repeating about writers and communicators: you have to be everywhere.


You can’t be reacting and writing at the same time. If you mean to write, you can’t be responding to everything happening on Facebook. Multi-tasking is a myth. Either you¬†create or react. But you can’t do both. You have to make a choice.¬†