Seth Godin:

In a race to go faster, cheaper and wider, it’s tempting to strip away elegance, ornamentation or subtlety. If you want to reach more people, aim for average.

The market, given a choice, often picks something that’s short-term, shoddy, inane, obvious, cheap, a quick thrill. Given the choice, the market almost never votes for the building, the monument or the civic development it ends up being so proud of a generation later. Think about it: the best way to write an instant bestseller is to aim low…

If you want to write, stay off of social media. There is a fallacy that people keep repeating about writers and communicators: you have to be everywhere.


You can’t be reacting and writing at the same time. If you mean to write, you can’t be responding to everything happening on Facebook. Multi-tasking is a myth. Either you create or react. But you can’t do both. You have to make a choice. 

Justin Taylor’s post on the five distinguishing marks of evangelicalism, drawn from Garth Rosell’s book The Surprising Work of God:

At the center is the cross…

Around the cross, and flowing out from the historical teachings associated with it, are four additional convictions that more any others have characterized the evangelical movement throughout its history:

(1) a shared authority (the Bible);
(2) a shared experience (conversion);
(3) a shared mission (worldwide evangelization); and
(4) a shared vision (the spiritual renewal of church and society).