The Practice of Grace

Lee Eclov on the life and calling of a pastor:

Doctors enter the practice of medicine. Lawyers, the practice of law. Pastors enter the practice of grace. Grace is the pastor’s stock-in-trade.

Pastors, like all believers, are agents of grace. But we dispense the grace of Christ as no other believers do. We are shepherds. Search as we might for a word more suited to our contemporary culture, shepherd is the only word that will do. If we hope to understand what we’ve been called by God to do, we have to step into a foreign world of sheep and pastures, folds and staffs, night watches and wilderness searches. Look hard at the timeless figures “keeping watch over their flocks by night.” Patient, long-suffering, committed to the often lonely routines of care. That’s how God wants us to see ourselves. In fact, that is one way God sees Himself. Continue reading The Practice of Grace