Scott McKnight on Discipleship

Scott McKnight talks about aiming at nothing with regard to discipleship in the church:

“They’ve got all the right programs, and they’ve got a preacher who can preach the congregation’s socks off, and they’ve got a band that rocks the house, but the average Christian leaves a week-to-week routine of attendance to live a week-to-week routine of … going on with what they go on with.

The church runs well, the money comes in, the money goes out, but discipleship doesn’t happen unless it’s intentional and personal and concrete and developmental and adjustable. But this takes careful planning- like weeks working on a mission statement and set of outcomes, exploring how those outcomes can be achieved, working with people to achieve those outcomes at a personal level, and then assessing both the people and the outcomes to see what needs to be done next.

It is far easier to gather, sing songs, preach and go home.”

Excerpted from Will Mancini, Scott McKnight Reveals His Measures for Discipleship.