Punching Bags

Some people blame Christians when they turn away from the faith. And Christians happily take the beating. Didn’t it ever occur to anyone that maybe the reason they turned away from the faith is because they consciously made the choice and rejected Christ in their hearts?

Few days ago,  I read a blog post on Facebook about how a certain guy stopped attending a certain church because a certain churchmate was badmouthing him at work. The writer was obviously sympathetic to the guy who is not attending church anymore. He was kind of embarrassed at the failure of the church to act right, causing someone to stumble.

Normally, I would have felt the same. If I were a preacher, a version of that incident might slip a little into my sermons to encourage peopel to live right. But for some reasons, I wasn’t sympathetic this time. I was annoyed big time. Why do they find it so easy to cast the blame on us? And why are we too eager to bear the burden of the blame?

Don’t get me wrong. At one point in our lives, most of us really are to be blamed for people not coming to know Christ because of our un-Christianly actions. But NOT all the time. We need wisdom to know the difference.

In the Bible, there is this interesting character named Demas who consciously made a decision to turn his back on Christ and His cause. Demas was only mentioned three times in the Bible, in Colossians 4:14, Philemon 1:24, and 2 Timothy 4:10 . Paul’s autopsy report of his backsliding was plain, simple and without apologies. He bluntly said that Demas loved the present world more than he loved Christ.

It is important that we need to be watchful on how we conduct ourselves everyday to keep the testimony of Christ in our lives untainted. But it is equally important that we don’t beat ourselves unnecessarily for other people’s decisions. Not only because it’s not healthy but because in the greater scheme of things, I believe that God didn’t mean for us to become the world’s blame catchers, fall out guys and spiritual punching bags.


Published by

Jojo Agot

Pastor at Victory. Teacher and writer at Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI). MA in Theology and Mission at Every Nation Seminary.

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