From the Interwebs (03/12/14)

When Your Words Cry “Wolf”

Thank you Barnabas Piper for putting these into words:

Every day we read headlines offering us “essential”, “incredible”, or “unbelievable” something-or-other. If a description of anything doesn’t include a superlative it’s good for nothing. But what happens when we run out of superlatives and absolutes (if we haven’t already)? If everything is amazing nothing is. By definition, not everything can be the best or worst. If every piece of advice is essential and we can’t live without those life hacks, well we should just give up now; life is hopeless.

3 Ways Expository Preaching Combats Biblical Illiteracy

What can preachers do to address Biblical illiteracy in our churches? Eric McKiddie offers three reasons why expository preaching helps solve this problem.

Christians are decreasingly able to take what they know from the Bible and assimilate it into a thoroughly biblical worldview. Especially with folks under the age of thirty, a relativistic way of thinking is the default. Far too often someone reads the Bible or learns something in church, and naturally assimilates it into their secular worldview.

Right Thinking is for Deep Feeling

The mind is meant to serve the heart. Thinking serves feeling. God gave us the ability to learn and reason, so that we might admire and treasure him above anything else. Right thinking is for deep feeling.

God’s Not Dead: The Movie and a New Friend

I enjoyed reading Adrian Warnock’s post about Rice Broocks, his book God’s Not Dead, the movie that comes with it, and the ministry he does in Every Nation. I happen to be a part of the Every Nation family in Asia and I could identify with Broocks’ statement below:

My Presbyterian friends say they are fantastic at building a fireplace, but that they don’t know how to light a fire. I told them we charismatics know how to light a fire alright, but we will burn the whole house down.We need each other! We must get both together.


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