Faith Seeking to Understand

Let me look up to your light, even from afar, even from the depths. Teach me to seek you and I ask that you reveal yourself to me when I seek you because I cannot seek you unless you teach me and I cannot find you unless you reveal yourself to me.

Lord I acknowledge and thank you that you have created me in your image. You did it so that you will always be in my mind and so that I will love you. But your image in me has been consumed and wasted by my vices. It is obscured by the smoke of wrong-doing. Now I cannot fulfill the purpose for which you created me unless you renew my entire life.

I do not presume, O Lord, that I could have a full grasp of your greatness. I know I could never reach that level of knowing. But I do desire to understand a certain degree of your truth which my heart believes and loves.

I do not try to understand so that I may believe. Instead, I seek to believe so that I may understand because unless I believe, I know that I will never understand.

–Adapted from St. Anselm’s Proslogium and Monologium. Continue reading Faith Seeking to Understand